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Post Road - Starting at the center of town, the post road runs south for 5 miles to the Post Park. Marked in 1/2 mile increments, very little traffic, and fabulous views makes this road ideal for running, walking and  biking. Wildlife such as deer, javelinas, turkey, or even an occasional fox can be seen in the early mornings or late evenings.

Post Park Marathon TexasPost Park (pictured at right) - A beautiful secluded pond and County Park on the Pena Colorado river shaded by Cottonwood trees, and surrounded by Los Caballos Novaculite Mountains. Named after the old Cavalry Post in the mid 1800s known as Camp Pena Colorado, it is now very popular amongst the birding communities and is one of the few accessible sources of spring water in the Big Bend region.

Marathon Historical Museum - Displays from the early days of Marathon and its ranching, railroad and industrial history.

Marathon Cemetery - Located at the 1/2 mile mark on the Post Road, the Marathon cemetery is a cemetery enthusiast’s dream. A lot can be gleaned about Marathon’s colorful past by walking around and noticing the layout and arrangement of the graves, some dating back to the 1800s.

Bank Vault - For many years, the local merchants acted as bankers for their customers. In 1907, the Marathon State Bank was organized. A fire destroyed the building owned by W.J. McIntyre and Sons in June 1920. The vault still remains standing at the rear of what is now the Famous Burro Bar & Grill.
(Excerpt from the Magnificent Marathon Basin, Annejo P. Wedin 1989)

Marathon Jail - A windmill located in the middle of Marathon's North First Street served as an early jail for drunkenness and petty crimes. The offender being chained to a leg of the windmill.
Other structures were used to serve as a jail, however, as a result of numerous colorful escapes, it became apparent to the citizens that a better 'Calaboose was needed.Rocks were then dug from a ledge on the northwest part of town and a jail was built to the south of the old Ritchey store. Upon completion of the upgrades to the cells in Alpine, the old ones were sent to Marathon.
(Except from the Magnificent Marathon Basin, Annejo P. Wedin 1989)

Crinoids Hills - Located at the road cut 5 miles west of Marathon on Hwy 90, digging around in the dirt could turn up fossils of various types deposited when the Marathon Basin was an inland sea.